Water Damage Repairs Midleton

At MidletonIT we know how important your devices are, And we understand how awful it can be when they get damaged.
Thats why we are here to help you with all of your water damage related problems!
Take a look at some of our water damage treatment process below!


Disassembly and inspection

First things first..We need to get your device open and inspect what is liquid damaged.

We carefully disassemble all devices and inspect them under our microscope. We will go right down to even the smallest components and inspect them for any signs of water damage


Ultrasonic cleaning

What most people don’t know is that water does not damage phones.. Minerals do..Minerals will deposit on your motherboard and corrode at the delicate electronic components

We use De-Ionised water and a secret cleaning solution to clean any corrosion from the motherboard. Ultrasonic cleaners allow us to clean UNDER the chips on the board.. not just around them. Click the button below to find out more about ultrasonic cleaning.


Further testing

After the ultrasonic process we will reassemble your phone with non liquid damaged parts. We will not risk your data by using your old water damaged battery or charging port. New parts will be installed and device functionality will be tested fully before returning the device to the customer