Custom Devices Midleton

At MidletonIT we believe in individuality and being unique. What better way to express this then having your phone customised! There is a wide range of customisation options available for all makes and models of Phones, Tablets and Computers! We can even customise your Drone!!!

Custom device skins

Shown above is a custom Samsung Galaxy S8 skin for our friends at Carrigane Landscapes. We were asked to make a skin with the company logo and it came out perfect! We are so happy with the results


Custom Housings

Here is a custom 24kt gold plated iPhone housing we installed onto an iPhone 7+. After one year of use the gold was very scratched so we decided to change it to become an iPhone 8+. Why buy a new phone when you can just switch the housing right?! there are so many different options for this! Contact us for more details!


Laptop Skins

Shown is a REAL CORK Macbook skin! It looks and feels amazing. It provides protection and also gives a whole new style dimension to your device! Available in tonnes of different finishes and textures including Carbon Fiber!