Computer Repair Midleton

At MidletonIT we are prepared to help you with any issues you may be having with your laptop or computer! Weather it needs upgrades or malware removals we are your one stop shop for everything involving computer repair!


Computer Repair

At MidletonIT

Computers are complex devices!

So many things can go wrong! Don’t worry though! MidletonIT has got you covered. We want to be your one stop show for computer repair!



From simple upgrades to the most complex! MidletonIT can do it all. Is your computer running slow? Then how about we upgrade you to an SSD? Is your Laptop running out of storage? Then lets add more! Its so easy when you let MidletonIT handle all the boring parts!



It is a fact of life that computers will inevitably fill up with dust and debris. We cant avoid it but we can catch it before it becomes a problem. It is essential to clean your PC and Laptop at least once a year to ensure correct airflow! And we love cleaning at MidletonIT!