Please take care of your devices batteries!

Batteries do not last forever and must be changed to avoid damage to the device or yourself!

Shown here is a photo of a Macbook pro battery that we replaced for our customer today
In the first picture you can see the outer casing of the battery has expanded .

In the second photo i carefully removed the casing to show you exactly what its like inside a battery.

You can see 6 battery cells in total . The 2 on the left have swollen and expanded , this happens for a number of reasons But mostly due to the old age of the battery and continuous use/charging

The 4 cells on the right are how they should look!
Slim and flat

This swelling will get worse and worse until it gets so bad that it can potentially explode!

Photo of the final product coming in the next post!

Be safe everyone!

Check our recent blog post on www.midletonit.ie for more information on how to dispose of batteries safely!